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October 31, 2008 - Jim Kronmiller Top 10, Venangoland, Dr. Atomic

It's the last Friday of the month which means it's time for a local artist Top 10 List. Each month a different local artist drops off a list of the top ten things that currently fascinate them. Interested in playing along? Drop me a note and we'll figure something out.

As a tyro photog (check out the 50s beatnik lingo) I do my best to steal, I mean learn, as much as possible from the local masters - people like Jerry Sowden, John Karian, and this month's Top 10 lister, Jon Kronmiller.

Jim's photographic career started at a very early age, developing his first roll of film and making his first photographic print at the age of 10. During school in the Pacific Northwest, he studied graphic arts, and photography, under a vocational style curriculum under the watchful eye of Master photographer John Owens. Aside from working with various other professional photographers, the rest of his training has been self-taught.

Jim has received numerous awards for his work on environmental issues. He also has specialized in glamour and portrait photography.

While being totally disabled has stopped him from doing most of the things he cherishes, he is still quite passionate about nature, and the beauty of the earth. He remains quite concerned about the environment, and the creatures that we share this earth with.

Jim Kronmiller's October Top Ten List

#1: The people in this area. I have lived in many places around the US, and the world, and never have I found so many incredibly caring, friendly people!

#2: Brother Bean Global Coffee House

The most incredible tastes and aromas! Healthy eating and drinking in a very relaxing environment! The best!

#3 The Howling Dog Café. (219 Seneca St, Oil City, PA 16301 (814) 677-2490)

Charlie and his crew serve up some incredible sandwiches, exotic coffees and teas. Great soup too!

#4: The fall colors of our area.

Every year they just get better and better

#5: The arts colony in the Transit Building and Annex.

What incredible talent our local artists have.

#6: Two Mile County Park.

It’s ours again and we need to take care of it. Nothing like sitting there on a warm day and admiring the beauty around us!

#7: Freedom Falls.

Such a great place to take the family or a special one to visit and picnic. The old iron furnace there is amazing.

#8: Clarion University - Venango Campus.

We are really lucky to have this campus here locally. Its small enough to make you feel you are not a nameless face in the crowd, but large enough to attract first rate professors and staff.

#9: Oil City's Pipeline Alley

Lee Mehlburger did an incredible job of beautifying this area. Now they have concerts and a beautiful garden there.

#10: Seeing the younger members of our community getting involved with national causes, charities, and just becoming more involved in our global world. It gives us hope for our future!

Kronmiller Creative Photography Studio is located at 206 Seneca St, 2nd Fl Suite 25, Oil City, PA 16301

You can sign up for upcoming classes with Kronmiller such as the Ice Is Nice workshop and the Be Bold Shoot the Cold! by calling (814) 673-0900

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