Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometime in December 2007, I sent out some emails asking local(ish) artists, venue owners, and other cultural workers if they wanted to participate in a monthly top 10 list project. The premise was simple: participants would choose their top 10 of anything, no theme necessary, and explain why they liked it so much. I had stolen the idea pretty much wholesale from ArtForum. I'm still looking to fill a few spots and would love to have more visual, artists, writers, and arts administrators. So if you're interesting in playing along, drop me a line.

Kicking off the series are local rockers Remora Deign.

Remora Deign has been around for about 4 years. The band has two full length albums: Red Skies and Lullabies (2004) and, more recently, Catharsis (2007) . The band was started by Guitarist/Bassist Ben Milliron and Singer/Guitarist Kyle Hoffman. After several line-up changes Garth Porter joined to play drums and Corey joined to play bass. Remora Deign is currently working on writing new material and playing shows.

Remora Deign's Top Ten

1. TA (Travel America). 24 hour restaurant we always go to late at night to take a break from practicing. It is located in Barkeyville right off of I-80

2. Sheetz. Another late night break stop. No Sheetz in particular, they all rock.

3. Brother Bean Coffee House in Seneca-This place and it's owners have been amazing to us. They are one of the only places around that still holds shows (acoustic only, but still great).-

4. The Victory Year-Awesome Band from down near Pittsburgh. They have always been really cool to us and we try and look out for each other.

5. County Market-Garth's place of employment...also frequently visited before practice. Located in Grove City,PA

6. The Whipset - "This is everything amazing and nothing both at the same time. The whipset represents all that you've ever enjoyed in life."

7. Kick Old Man - Garth's Other Band. Very experimental sound.

8. Darby Redford- Corey's other band. More of a Screamo type band

9. Guitar Center- No explanation necessary.

10. Hanging out and Practicing in Garth's Shop (which is basically a two story garage filled with motorcycles and other automotive stuff.)

Remora Deign plays tomorrow in the Slippery Rock University Battle of the Bands (7-10pm in the University's Multi-Purpose Room). You can stream their music at their MySpace page.

Roadhouse Theatre is seeking a Caucasian female with singing ability. The production is a play depicting the career of a legend in music, which will star a local film, radio, and TV celebrity.Those interested in auditioning should be or should look to be 20-30 years of age. The actress must be confident and talented, along with having the willingness to perform in live duets. Stage and signing experience is welcomed but not necessary. The open auditions will be held Thursday February 28, 2008 between the hours of 6-8 pm @ The Roadhouse Theatre(145 W. 11th St. Erie PA).

The show is slated to open in April with a short 3 week run. Show details will be available at the open auditions. If you are interested but cannot make it to the open audition please call Steve at 814-873-5069

Filmmaker Amy Aiello is seeking male actor for upcoming films.There are going to be two music videos, one standard and one more like a short film. They need one actor. The roles are not speaking parts, there is no pay and its looking to shoot the end of March/beginning of April, hopefully in one weekend. Experience isn't necessary but would be appreciated.

If you are interested, email me your measurements, headshots or pictures and resume ASAP. If you have any online media featuring your acting please email it to :

The Guardian offers a "blog by blog" guide to art in Europe.

One of my favorites, Head of Femur, have been listed as a Chicago band to watch in '08

. . . now it's Head of Femur's turn with a lush and irresistible album called Great Plains. Due on March 25, it comes complete with cello, violin, viola, trumpet, trombone, flute and a small orchestra's worth of other instruments.

So you're going to self publish? Awesome. Now, start thinking about the hustle (or you know, hire me to help you out with it)

Free and Legal Downloads:

Page France (From Suicide Squeeze Records ):
Hat and Rabbit (MP3)- From …and the Family Telephone
Junkyard (MP3) - From Hello, Dear Wind
Bush (MP3)- From Hello, Dear Wind

Head of Femur:
Leader and the Falcon (MP3) (via)
Isn't It a Shame (MP3) - From Great Plains
"Jetway Junior" (MP3) - From Great Plains
"Acme: The Summit of a Mountain" (MP3) - from Ringodom or Proctor (via)
"Curve That Byrd" (MP3) - from Ringodom or Proctor


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