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July 7, 2009 - Putting cyclists in their place and free and legal downloads

I don’t subscribe to the local paper anymore, for reasons that belong in another post.  But I do read it online, and this morning, I was saddened to see the article describing Allegheny Valley Trails Association (AVTA) guru Jim Holden’s presentation to the city council which read,  in part, ". . . bicycle riders and motorists alike could benefit from the education, as they may someday be expected to share roads."

Of course, bicycles and motorists are already expected to share the road according to Pennsylvania traffic law (chapter 35, subchapter A, section 3501). 

This isn’t the first time that Holden, who sees himself as bicycle advocate, has reinforced the idea that bikes are toys to be ridden on the sidewalk by tourists and children.  For the safety of both cyclists and motorists, I’d like to encourage you to email Jim Holden (avta@ficda.org) or write a letter (Box 264, Franklin, PA 16323) to tell him and the AVTA that bikes and cars are already "expected to share the roads"

Personally, I’m committed to boycotting the Business Partners of the AVTA until Holden and the AVTA issue a statement acknowledging that bikes belong on the road too.

A Pittsburgh area filmmaker is seeking talented actors and actresses for lead and supporting roles for a feature-length independent film to be shot this winter. Auditions will be held Friday, July 10th and Saturday, July 11th by appointment only.
If you are interested in auditioning for one of the parts listed below, please submit headshot(s) and resume to rdm_casting@live.com for consideration. This film will be a suspenseful thriller with no nudity required for any role.

Role one: 35-50 y.o. male. medium to slim build, healthy. Role requires running and a little combat.
Roles two and three: 25-35 y.o. male. Fit, healthy build. Role requires combat and running.
Role four: 21-25 y.o. male.
Role five: 23-30 y.o. female.
Role six: 21-30 y.o. female. Athletic build.
Roles seven, eight, and nine: 18-25 y.o. males, any build.
Roles ten and eleven: 18-25 y.o. female. Ability to scream realistically a plus.
Roles twelve and thirteen: Middle-aged men to play experts. any build.*
Roles fourteen and fifteen: 30-40 y.o. men, athletic builds.*
Role sixteen: 60+ y.o. woman.*
Role seventeen: 10 y.o. male.*
Specific role information will be provided to those chosen to audition. Thank you very much!
*Auditions for these roles may be held at a later date.

Lionsgate Studio is looking for people to be extras in the movie Warrior. We are filming a very big crowd scene on July 18. We are filling up the Petersen Events Center with MMA fight fans. This could be one of the last chances you have to take part in the movie. The pay is $100 for a 12/hour day. For casting consideration, please send an e-mail with your name, phone number, age, height, weight, and a recent picture of yourself to warriorextras@gmail.com. Write "Big Day" in the subject line of the e-mail. If you have already worked for us you are welcome to apply to work this day, too. Come be a part of the experience. We will be confirming people upon receiving their information.

How to Solve PA’s $3.2B Budget Deficit – with Wine

The NYTimes drops by the 85th annual Ole Time Fiddler’s and Bluegrass Festival in Union Grove, N.C.

How to pack art work

Muppet Musical Mashups.

Free and Legal Downloads:

North Mississippi Allstars Live at Bluebird Theater on January 31, 2009

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