Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009 – Think Globally, Tweet Locally and Free and Legal Downloads

No posts until after the fourth as I’m headed out of town.

The Venango Chamber is asking local Twitter users to “share experiences of great service in our region by twittering about it and including #VenangoWorks in your “tweet”.

Eating al fresco in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Filmmakers student Jess Weichler is looking for actors in their early 20's for her senior thesis. The characters Ethan, Tim and Mike will be needed for 2-3 shooting days while the rest of the cast is needed just for one day. Shooting will take place on weekends during late July and early August. Meals will be provided and actors will receive a DVD of the final product as compensation.
The movie follows Ethan, your stereotypical jock and womanizer who frequently bashes his best friend's gay roommate. However after a night of partying he ends up hooking up with his best friend, Tim, and gets caught.
Jock who is a womanizer and homophobe who just happens to be secretly in love with his best friend, Tim. Must have athletic build.
Jock who is generally a nice guy but sometimes comes off as an ass when he's feeding off of Ethan. He's not homophobic but he will make fun of his gay roommate behind his back when Ethan is around. Must have athletic build.
Tim's gay roommate who is quite often the target of Ethan's mean spirited jokes. Mike doesn't stand up against Ethan because he knows it will just make it worse and in the end Ethan will get his.
The slut. Jenny tries to get with Tim at a party but when she fails ends up hooking up with another guy instead.
Mike's Boyfriend
Doesn't understand why Mike won't stand up for himself and sees it as weakness.
Sorority girl who Ethan had a one night stand with. She confronts him and he blows her off.

50 Best Websites for Moviemakers

Free and Legal Downloads:
  Definitive Jux Free Amazon Sampler [Explicit]
  Luaka Bop - Orinoco Sampler
  The White Stripes - BBC Sessions

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llamasapplepie said...

It's really dumb that I have to ask this, but could you please remove the casting call information for my senior thesis? I'm really thankful that you posted the info and I ended up with some amazing actors for my flick, it's just eight months later people are still e-mailing me about it! Thank you for all your help then and now!