Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2008 Snowman Contest, The Punch Brothers and Free and Legal Downloads

RIP W.D. Snodgrass

“Monet: Les Nymphéas” 

The eyelids glowing, some chill morning.
O world half-known through opening, twilit lids
Before the vague face clenches into light;
O universal waters like a cloud,
Like those first clouds of half-created matter;
O all things rising, rising like the fumes
From waters falling, O forever falling;
Infinite, the skeletal shells that fall, relinquished,
The snowsoft sift of the diatoms, like selves
Downdrifting age upon age through milky oceans;
O slow downdrifting of the atoms;
O island nebulae and O the nebulous islands
Wandering these mists like falsefires, which are true,
Bobbing like milkweed, like warm lanterns bobbing
Through the snowfilled windless air, blinking and passing
As we pass into the memory of women
Who are passing. Within those depths
What ravening? What devouring rage?
How shall our living know its ends of yielding?
These things have taken me as the mouth an orange—
That acrid sweet juice entering every cell;
And I am shared out. I become these things:
These lilies, if these things are water lilies
Which are dancers growing dim across no floor;
These mayflies; whirled dust orbiting in the sun;
This blossoming diffused as rushlights; galactic vapors;
Fluorescence into which we pass and penetrate;
O soft as the thighs of women;
O radiance, into which I go on dying...

The Franklin Fine Arts Council is hosting a Snowman Contest for 4th through 6th Graders in the Franklin/Rocky Grove area. Snowmen must be 3 dimensional. For info contact Franklin Fine Arts Council at 437-1619. Winners will be displayed at Franklin On Ice.

While making some reservations online I couldn’t help notice that Franklin’s Quality Inn claims, “The Quality Inn® & Conference Center is . .. within walking distance from . . . Clarion University-Venango Campus.”  Google Maps begs to differ.

Dirty Dog Live is a website featuring  photography, arts, events, and other happenings in and around Crawford County.

Upcoming Shows of Local Interest:

Remora Deign, Kick Old Man,  and Satin Gum play the Barrow-Civic Little Theatre (Franklin PA 1223, Liberty St, Franklin PA 16323 map) on Friday. from 7:30-11:30 pm.  $5 cover


Debence Antique Music World (1261 Liberty St, Franklin, PA 16323 (814) 432-8350) features a musical program with Dick Eshelman & Ed Frye Sunday at 1:30 pm.  Free and Open to the Public

Free and Legal Downloads:

  Cracker Live at Belly Up Tavern on December 30, 2007

  Punch Brothers Daytrotter Sessions.

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