Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pete Greene updates Venangoland with a post about How marriage is like a house (make sure you check out the comments to see how a Simpsons quote enraged one commenter) and a particularly relevant one from the Archives about The Whiskey Rebellion.

The Barrow Civic Blog has some photos from the recent production of A Funny Thing Happened...

Due to recycling efforts this year, only 16.4 percent of the Pittsburgh Art Festival's waste was sent to landfills, compared with 85 percent last year. Are you listening Applefest?

American Eagle Outfitters Tour of Pennsylvania begins today and ends June 29th in downtown Pittsburgh. I'm hoping for some coverage on cyclism sundays

The Frick Art Museum is hosting "A Panorama of Pittsburgh" - 130 panoramic prints of the city from the 19th century.

Work has kept me from watching any TV lately, but I noticed that has added the first season of Angel, perhaps in honor of Joss Whedon's birthday, yesterday? Allow me to recommend "The Bachelor Party"

The Ohio Wine Producers Assosication is offering a Wine Tour by GPS

This weekend, the Cleveland Art Museum opens its doors after a three year renovation. The Plain Dealer gives us a preview.

Free and Legal Downloads:

Forest Fire's new album Survivial is available as a pay-what-you-will MP3 download

My Morning Jacket at Bonnaroo


Peter A. Greene said...

Yeah, dittman-- way to chase off my commenter with your flip and glib simpsons quote. and here i thought you were deep...

Dittman said...

Who's more of a philosopher than Homer? I was sorry the poster left; that metaphor was really being beaten to death in a really amusing Night of the Thousand Knives fashion.