Monday, June 23, 2008

In just a few short hours, Soulmobile takes the stage at Brother Bean to help celebrate Venangago-go's third birthday. If you love me, you'll be there from 7-9pm. If you've been waiting for a chance to check out the Bean, tonight's the night!

Speaking of Brother Bean, they have a:

mini-efficiency apartment is available for rent. trust me, when i say it's's SMALL. but oh so efficient! $300 covers tv, utilities, internet, garbage, water, heat...everything but phone. it's furnished, you must be willing to live alone (only room for one person) and climb a ladder to the sleeping loft.surely there's some recent graduate out there wanting their own first place....this could be it....and it's easy to get a job out here in cranberry too!Call at 814-677-0232 or message on myspace.

Oil City artist Linda Lineman is featured in the latest issue of Porcelain Artist. And, BTW, the Pennsylvania Porcelain Artists state convention is coming to Franklin in September. That my friend, is the arts helping to drive the area's economic engine - 500 artists and families buying up hotel rooms, meals, and what not. Looking at Business.Net's national average of ~$400 spent per convention attendee per day, that's a big potential windfall for the region.

My wife's favorite comedian, George Carlin, has died.

Three films took the top prizes when awards were announced at the second annual Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project's "Best Of" screening Friday night.

Special congrats to Best Costumes: "R.P.A." (fantasy), DuBois Business College, Ephraim Stockwell.

TheTop 10 Indie Music Marketing Tools

The Post Gazette reviews the Avett Brothers' and Alejandro Escovedo Arts Fest performances.

How are graphic novelists changing the way reader see the Iraq debacle.

Time Out Kids composes a jazz mixtape for the young 'uns (stream for free, purchase at itunes)

If you've got a MusicNation page, you can enter Spin's hot pursuit unsigned band contest.

Free and Legal Downloads:

Gogol Bordello at Coachella 2008

The Handsome Family Live at Spaceland on July 14, 1998

The New Amsterdams Live at Blind Pig on November 20, 2003

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