Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me! My wife has put up with me for a whole decade.

So, no matter how comfy the couch is at Brother Bean, it's not the spot for videotaping.

Etsy is hosting a bunch of great how-to s in July. The schedule is here

The Erie Arts Festival schedule is up.

I am being stupid or am I missing something (I guess that's not really an either-or)? Wouldn't it be easier and better just to donate the 500K that you're spending on fireworks to the organization rather than trying to get 25,000 people at $20 a pop to pay to see fireworks (to equal $500K)- which are in the sky - which means that you can't stop people from looking at them for free?

The Pittsburgh City Paper checks in on how the Pittsburgh Arts Festival is going green:
In this first year of a planned three-year initiative, Walsh, 28, had hoped to divert half the waste from landfills. But 12 days into the 17-day festival, preliminary figures indicated that, by volume, some 80 percent of the post-consumer waste had either been recycled or composted -- a big success.

Pittsburgh's 707 Penn Gallery hosts f295 an Exhibition of Contemporary Alternative Photography

Free and Legal Downloads:
Calexico - "Carried to Dust"

Mason Jennings Live at Phoenix Concert Theatre on February 26, 2007

Animal Liberation Orchestra Live at Harmony Festival on June 10, 2007

Billy Bragg Live at Birchmere on March 26, 2006


Peter A. Greene said...

I'm guessing that the secret is it's 500K's worth of fireworks retail, which comes at a considerably lower pricetag for the occasion.

I actually wonder if, that late in the summer, they aren't taking away from the Polk extravaganza.

Used to be one of the great unpublicized events of the area on Labor day weekend-- several fireworks companies would go to the institute and burn off the "leftovers" from the season. I haven't been out for years, and have no idea if they still do it, but perhaps Kellner has tapped into that for this occasion.

Peter A. Greene said...

And by the way, happy anniversary to the both of you...

LazyTcrochet said...

Happy anniversary, and thanks for mentioning my parents' 50th. Their party was a lot of fun. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary on the 18th. We got to see "A Prairie Home Companion" at Blossom Music Center.
I was looking for "Musical Service" on Amazon and it's temporarily out of stock. I do miss the summer concerts in the park in Franklin.