Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tuesday July1st, 2008

So, after a really crummy day, I went for a walk downtown and before I got block away from house a car full of kids pulled up and called me a "dirty spic". I was really too amazed to be offended - can it be a hate crime if your "attackers" have misunderstood your ethnicity, or perhaps the nature of the slur itself?

Venangoland Book Club is teacher, author, blogger, and Venango County resident Peter Greene's new book review blog.

The children and grandchildren of Louis E. and Beatrice B. McKlveen have created a 12,000 endowment for the Titusville Council on the Arts in honor of the couple.

When small local theatre boards and articistc directors behave badly toward one another, it's a tempest in a tepot. When it happens at the Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre, the PA Supreme Court gets called in.

Waldameer has a blog!

Comics in the Classroom is for students, parents, educators, and libarians.

Should I Drink That? is offering a contest to for boozehounds to spend a weekend in Erie

Free and Legal Downloads:

Sigur Rós June 16, 2008 Grand Ballroom

Minutemen Live at The Blue Note on May 12, 1984

Matisyahu Live at Minnesota Zoo, Weesner Amphitheater on June 27, 2008


father spoon said...

We're not booze hounds, we're alcohol enthusiasts!

So have you entered yet :)

Dittman said...

It's free booze! Of course. nice mention of your work in the Pittsburgh City Paper today, BTW.