Monday, May 26, 2008

Songs were sung, young hippes started perfecting their circle dance technique:

dogs were annoying (when it says "no dogs", it doesn't mean, no-dogs-except-for-your-cute -dog-which-I'm-sure-wouldn't-ever-bother-anyone. Jerks), stupyfingly awful stage patter was rambled, and Lebanese food was eaten. All in all, The 2008 Oil Region Indie Songwriters Festival was a smashing success by any measure.

Jerome Wincek and the Old Hats ran through a killer set from Astral Road

Video from the final day of the Oil Region Indie Songwriters Festival

Trina Hamlin:

Naomli Bennet:

Brad Yoder:

We cut after Newmen's set and headed to Seneca to catch Illalogical Spoon at Brother Bean

Just an awesome, awesome show. Spoon, as heard that night, was an 8 piece band including two drummers, a trumpet/harmonica guy, a accordionist/percussionist, a cellist, guitar/vocalist, bass, and a guy who was a dead ringer for Adrien Brody who occasionally did some spoken word or screaming. There were driving beats that rose to escastic crescendos, syncopated handclaps, those clicking noises that Snoop made on "Drop it Like Its Hot" and a whole lot of sweet. Spoon veered from Americana (really good Americana - you know how you can never take Tom Waits' faux hobo thing seriously, that it's all a big goof? Not so for Spoon as they spiraled from Woody Guthrie sounding train moments to prison shouts to morphing the tune halfway through into a swingy hot jazz sound) to moments that seemed to veer to straight up chaos until a musical thread was found and they improved themselves back out.

We bought everything they were selling that night and would have bought more if they had it.

The 50th Annual Kennerdell Music and Arts Festival, held this year on August 2 from 10-8 is looking for artists and crafters.

You've got your folk in my hardcore! You've got your hardcore in my folk!

Louisville Punks: A Radio History

No posting tomorrow - I'm taking my mother to a doctor's visit at the Cleveland Clinic. So here's an extra helping of music. See you Wed.

Free and Legal Downloads:

This Bike is A Pipe Bomb Live at Rhino's on July 7, 2006

The New Amsterdams Live at Stubb's BBQ on August 23, 2003

The Decemberists Live at The Orange Peel on April 11, 2008

Soul Coughing Live at End Sessions on October 4, 1998

Southern Culture On The Skids Live at Tractor Tavern on April 19, 2008

The Wreck of the Southern Old 97 (1924)

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Concert #22- Bach's Songs...for Strings

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