Saturday, May 24, 2008

Justin Parson plays the opening night of the Oil Region Indie Songwriter's Fest

Last night's opening night of the Oil City Indie Songwriters Festival brought a fantastic array of acts to the acoustically divine Great Room of Oil City's Transit Building. It would take me more space than you would want to read to review everyone who played, so instead, I'll be doing it in haiku.

Nate Custer:

Did not see the set.
My stomach was on fire.
Way too many bahn mi.

Justin Parson:

Strong straightforward art.
Fingerpick experiment.
Culture is broken.

Jeremy Jack:

A master showman.
Edwardian-style beard.
Plays tub with his feet.

Garth Porter:

The young songwriter
reaches into back catalogue.
Really, really blue eyes.

Veteran Status:

Two ex-service men
bring melodic folk
and CDs for hungry ears

Flatiron & Secretly Plotting Your Burial:

Left to see studio.
Transit Building is so big
never made it back.

If you see me today at the final day of the Festival today in Oil City's Justus Park, stop and say hello. I'll be the short, fat, ugly guy with the cameras.

Therapy Dogs United is looking for local artists to commission Erie's 2008 Fire Hydrant Beautification Project - "Spray on the Bay". Phase One will transform every fire hydrant lining State Street, from Dobbins Landing to 14th Street, into a piece of public art. Call their office at (814) 456-3647 for an application.

Pete Greene celebrates 10 years of writing his newspaper column at Venangoland

City folk learn how to grow vegetables, can food, make wine, and other forgotten skills.

Alternative maps
fascinate me. I don't know why.

WFMU’s “Antique Phonograph Music” features songs from the first 25 years of the 20th century.

Pitchfork has unleashed its 2008 guide to summer music festivals.

Free and Legal Downloads:

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Live at Littlejohn Coliseum on November 18, 2006

The Grizzly Owls - "Whiskey And Clyde" (mp3)

Natalie Walker - "Over & Under" (mp3) from Over & Under

The Black Angels "Doves" (mp3) from Directions To See A Ghost - iTunes Exclusive

Twilight Hotel - "Viva la Vinyl" (mp3) from Highway Prayer


Veteran Status said...


Love the reviews of the acts at the fest...great idea...

Veteran Status

Dittman said...

Oh hey, thanks. It was nice meeting you. I tried to find you again after I was done stuffing my face with Schwarma, but I think you had taken off.