Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Veteran Status has a new website They play a free show at Meadville's Artist Cup Cafe (231 Chestnut Street, Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335) on Feb 29 at

"Why," my friend asked this morning over coffee, "is the whitest woman I have ever seen writing a book about African-American heritage in Venango County?"

Meadville's Title Me Wrong plays a free show Friday at 5pm at Edinboro's Eclectic Etceteras Coffee House.

Neocracy has a new EP out.

newmen plays Brother Bean (2803 SR 257, Seneca, PA 16346) Saturday 7-9. No cover.

My Paranomas has some really nice panaromic (duh) shots of Venango County (among others)

Stephen King and John Melloncamp writing a musical together? Where are you now God?

Newest literary darling Charles Bock's Beautiful Children, a best-selling debut novel about characters adrift in Las Vegas can now be downloaded free and legal. from the Web site . I guess I think that's great, but if it's as good as the publicists say, why make this move?

Speaking of Free and Legal Downloads:

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Live at The Other Side Radio Show on August 12, 1992 (Includes a nice cover of "California Uber Alles" )

Mogwai Live at the dame on March 3, 2006 (flac, no MP3)

Mission of Burma Live at The EARL on January 13, 2007

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