Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Poofdaddle has ended. Long live the poofdaddle. And free music.

The poofdaddle between the The Oil City Library and the Fifth District Peace Project. is over. Although this:

The library's exhibit policy, drawn up in 1991, will be reviewed and some changes are pending in a section pertaining to the "director's discretion," Duarte said.

sounds a little threatening. I can't help but think that this could have been avoided if Oil City would pony up the money for a trained MLS degree holding director. After all, says the ALA:

Priority Area C. Intellectual freedom
ALA will promote the protection of library materials, personnel, and trustees from censorship; the defense of library personnel and trustees in support of intellectual freedom and the Library Bill of Rights; and the education of library personnel, trustees, and the general public to the importance of intellectual freedom.
First Amendment rights are secure.
Persons whose First Amendment rights are challenged have adequate support.

Of course it may just be that the OC wants to be more like Boston.

Venangoland re-visitsMonarch Park

Why newspapers are dying. Still.

The $3 million winning bid for the Record Rama collection on eBay was a fraud,

Love regional high school musicals? No, me either.

Political contributions by writers. It's nice to see Jane Smiley and I have something in common. Besides devastatingly good looks.

With CD sales down the drain, musicians are spending more and more time making money the only way they still can: on the road

Is it necessary for artists to make painful sacrifices in order to create good art?



Peter A. Greene said...

I want to go to the high school that's doing Urine-town. And I'm completely stumped how two schools in the same region could have gotten the rights to do Footloose-- on the same weekend, no less.

Dittman said...

Canon-McMillan, "Thoroughly Modern Millie," March 12-15
• Fox Chapel, "Thoroughly Modern Millie," March 12-15
• Frazier, "Thoroughly Modern Millie," March 13-15

That's a lot of Millie to go around. I was hoping someone would do Avenue Q.

Peter A. Greene said...

Not enough puppetry taught in schools these days...

Dittman said...

No puppet left behind.