Monday, February 11, 2008

Still home sick with a body composed, apparently of 87% sputum. Ick. I know.

The thing is, my eyes are burning and my concentration limited so reading is out of the question. I'm not a TV sort of guy, but since Wedensday I've watched 3 seasons of Monarch of the Glen, 2 seasons each of Buffy and Angel, 2 seasons of Monk, every Reaper made so far, 2 seasons of The Office, a half season of Supernatural, countless SNL clips and shorts, Night of the Hunter, The House on Telegraph Hill, Sunset Boulevard, Fighter, Primer, Groundhog Day, and Corpse Bride.

I'm really sure that's not healthy.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the seminal indie album, Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Neil Gaiman is asking readers to vote on which one of his books should be given away free on the net. I'm voting for Coraline.

Facebook? You can check out anytime you want...

This morning's News Herald has a nice farewell to CPT (with quotes from my relative and all-around good guy Dave Pyror.)

So. There was this city. Had seen more luxurious days having bet all of its chips on the fickle petro goddess. There had been some signs of renewal lately with artists moving in, but there was a problem - both in terms of economics and safety - too many empty houses. Oil City, PA? No Houston, TX. And there, in 2005, they decided to make some proverbial lemonade - turning soon-to-be-demolished houses over to local artists to be transformed into transitive sculptures.

Jim Berlin is picking up the tab for everyone on Valentine's Day at Erie's Hookah Bar. Sucker.

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