Sunday, February 10, 2008

Slippery Rock University is sponsoring a show of Marine Corps combat photographer Russell Lee Klika through Feb 14th.

No more polaroids.

Westmoreland County is the "Roswell of the East".

Temporal Things is a blog run by a Venango Campus student and local hardcore fan (and fine photographer)

The Westmoreland Museum of Art is hosting "Seeing the City: Sloan's New York," a traveling exhibition of 97 paintings, drawings and prints that present an in-depth view of John Sloan's years in the city and the city's effect on his art. I love Sloan's work and will probably make the drive down before it closes in April. The Butler Institute in Youngstown also has a couple of nice Sloan's including "Recruiting in Union Square":

Speaking of Art, the Smithsonian is offering
A Thousand Kisses: Love Letters from the Archives of American Art. My Favorite? "I Went to Buy The Sunday Times":

Free and Legal Downloads:

Dengue Fever
"Seeing Hands" (mp3)
"Tiger Phone Card" (mp3)
"Sober Driver" (mp3)
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American Music Club
"All My Love" (mp3)
"I Know That's Not Really You"
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Jason Collett
"Out Of Time" (mp3)
"Charlyn, Angel of Kensington" (mp3)

Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble
"Music for 18 Musicians" (mp3)
"Music for 18 Musicians" (mp3)
"Music for 18 Musicians" (mp3)

Vic Chesnutt Live at 40 Watt Club on February 2, 2008

Last year at about this time, I mentioned that if I didn't have restraints, I would have headed out to Calvin College's Festival of Faith and Music. Since then, I've noticed that Calvin actually does a number of really interesting thigns regarding faith and popular culture. I'm not prepared to wear a "Johnathan Edwards is my HomeBoy" But it's fascinating to see a faith based college approach the world in a very different way than say (ugh) Grove City College or Hillsdale.

There are a ton of good downloads from last year's festival including a Neko Case Interview, an Emmylou Harris interview, The Psalters "The Cry of the Exodus", and a Music Criticism Roundtable

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ollie said...

aw, thanks for the link! i really appreciate it. i'll definitely return the favor.

ps. i feel compelled to clarify that i'm in the nursing program at the venango technology center, not venango campus but it really doesn't matter. thanks again!