Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Information about Pittsburgh's Frostburn Festival has surfaced including Mr Rogers Naked Sing-A-Long as well as a few theme camps such as:

THE BURLY TEN-PINT MEN The medieval-themed camp of a hardy band of Scadians keeping the Pennsic fires burning in the depths of winter. Look for us in the woods at the bottom of Runestone Hill. We few, we happy few, we band of buggered...

(obscenities follow the jump)

StrawberryLuna makes fantastic gig posters from Pittsburgh. She's interviewed here.

GY Production has announced dates and lineup for the 2008 Cambridge Spring's Spring Fever Festival.

Brother Bean's Game Night this friday night is special for newbies. if you bring a friend who's never been to game night, both of you will get $1 off your first drink of the night.

Free and Legal Downloads:
Drive-By Truckers Live at 40 Watt Club on January 12, 2008

eNature.com is offering free mating call ringtones for Valentine's Day.

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