Monday, March 03, 2008

Oil Region Indie Fest has announced this year's prelimary lineup

May 23 2008 5:00P
nathaniel custer oil city, Pennsylvania
May 23 2008 5:30P
justin parson oil city, Pennsylvania
May 23 2008 6:00P
jeremy jack oil city, Pennsylvania
May 23 2008 8:30P
flatiron oil city, Pennsylvania
May 23 2008 9:00P
secretly plotting your burial oil city, Pennsylvania
May 24 2008 5:00P
the old hats oil city, Pennsylvania
May 24 2008 6:00P
newmen oil city, Pennsylvania
May 24 2008 7:00P
remora deign oil city, Pennsylvania

Says the planners:
the festival will be 2 days this time around, starting at 5 p.m. on friday may 23rd in the national transit building's great room. Friday night will be independent local solo artists from 5 to 9, Saturday afternoon will start with a couple of local acts at 1 p.m . . . at Justus Park.. . . after the local acts are tentatively scheduled some national solo performers . . . at 5 p.m the indie band portion of the festival with begin. bands both local and regional will take the stage.

I'm headed to Syracuse this week, any suggestion on what to do/see?

Photographer Finds Grownup Nirvana Baby

Wal-Mart Proposes New CD Pricing Plan

A New Improved Way To Play The Cello?

The Erie Art Museum has launched its new website which, to me, seems remarkable unimproved

The New Yorker takes a look at a dozen of the city's small music venues.

Also in The New Yorker, Michael Chabon essay-fies about Superhero Couture. Although I'm not sure anything can be said after:
Edna: It will be bold! Dramatic!
Bob: Yeah!
Edna: Heroic!
Bob: Yeah. Something classic, like, like Dynaguy. Oh, he had a great look! Oh, the cape and the boots...
Edna: [throws a wadded ball of paper at Bob's head] No capes!
Bob: Isn't that my decision?
Edna: Do you remember Thunderhead? Tall, storm powers? Nice man, good with kids.
Bob: Listen, E...
Edna: November 15th of '58! All was well, another day saved, when... his cape snagged on a missile fin!
Bob: Thunderhead was not the brightest bulb...
Edna: Stratogale! April 23rd, '57! Cape caught in a jet turbine!
Bob: E, you can't generalize about these things...
Edna: Metaman, express elevator! Dynaguy, snagged on takeoff! Splashdown, sucked into a vortex!
Edna: No capes!

(The Incredibles)

The Franklin Public Library now has a collection of Playways Audio Books. And, I'm intrigued.

Endgaget says:
We somehow see this taking its place in the landfill right next to other great products like the self-destructing DVD and single-use digital video camera.!
but I'd like to hear from users, so if you're dropping by the FPL, give one a try and then tell us what it's like.

Former Mercer resident Trent Reznor is offering the first 9 tracks of the new NIN album, Ghosts I-IV avaialbel for free and legal download.

The NyTimes reviews Mat Johnson's graphic novel Inconegro.

Could Culture Save Cleveland?

Free and Legal Downloads:
Drive-By Truckers Live at Ogden Theater on 2008-02-22 (February 22, 2008)

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Live at The Music Hall on 2008-02-23 (February 23, 2008)

Jill Sobule, Live at Joe's Pub 7/18/07


Anonymous said...

Oil City Library has the Playaways as well - mostly classics...
- erin

Dittman said...

Have you tried them?