Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brother Bean has announced the lineup through the rest of 2007
  • 11-3-07 DAN LITTLER (classic country)
  • 11-10-07 JAKE AND JOHN (alternative acoustic)
  • 11-17-07 NANCY RODGERS AND BILL ADAMS(early folk-rock infl)
  • 11-24-07 JUSTIN PARSON (roots, folk)
  • 12-1-07 RYAN WATERMAN (folk)
  • 12-8-07 WILLIAM JAMES AND FRIENDS (spoken word/poetry)
  • 12-15-07 tba
  • 12-22-07 REMORA DEIGN (christmas show)
  • 12-29-07 NEWMEN
  • 1-26-08 MULES (alt rock)
While you're there, you owe it to yourself to pick up a CD of Bruce 2's recent live performace at BroBean. Best of all, part of the amazingly reasonable $6 price goes towards, according to one of the Bruce's, Bruce Kahler:

[a] charity. . . that started at our kitchen table about four years ago, to provide a weekly hot meal and home meeting for elderly Ugandans, along with free medical care and medicines and periodic gifts (blankets, food, personal care items). . .

The former Meadville Cinemas may reopen as soon as next month.

Country music star Gretchen Wilson will play the 2008 Crawford County Fair Aug. 20.

The NY Times lists "Old Chillers That Should Scare (but Not Terrorize) the Kids"

One of my favorite stores, Pittsburgh's Candy-Rama will close.

Exclaim! explains how to start a record label. Which I imagine is one of those things that sounds a lot cooler than it actually is. What with the work and all.

There's an open house at Ida Tarbell's house (324 E. Main St, titusville PA) this Sunday from 1- 4pm. What would the high holy oil robber barons think?

If you've been to Sprague Farm & Brew Works, you know thatthere's a group of surly looking locals who sit around drinking the free beer. You see, they can sell the beer in growlers or kegs , but they can't sell it by the glass, so they give it away. Which draws youngish drinkers like an open hefeweizen draws fruit flies. The question is, will they stay (the drinkers, not the flies. They'll be there) if the brewery turns brewpub and can charge for those glasses of beer?

Earth & Spirit: Contemporary Indigenous Art from Australia and New Zealand runs at the Erie Art Museum's Main Floor Gallery from September 14–December 30, 2007. While I didn't care for the contemporary work, I did, as always enjoy the traditional Maori works and it gave me a chance to practice taking photos in a gallery and, in the one above, through glass.

Michael Mahler is enthusiasitc about one of the entries in the Venango County Digital Film Fest.

I'm looking for an 50s style aluminum Christmas Tree for a venangago-go entry in the Barrow's Christmas Tree Extravaganza. Anyone have one to give or loan? Email me.
If you want to put up your own tree, call John at 814-432-5196.

Your free and legal downloadable Halloween treats include:

And, why not watch 1932's White Zombie:


Parsons said...

We respectfully demand photos of the piggie pirate in action! Hours of crocheting for naught.
Thanks for the heads up on the bigfoot action. Creepy happenings.

Dittman said...

How can I say no?!