Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trying to buy a last minute pumpkin (4, of them to be precise) was almost impossible today. At the first place I stopped in Seneca, a lawn/garden place, the woman let her rheumy dog soak me with snot and when I asked how much for the pumpkins, she said "Bring the ones you want inside and I'll tell you how much they cost." "I'll just go somewhere where the price is marked," I said. She sighed loudly and annoyed, "I told you, carry them in here and I'll tell you how much they are." I left.

At the second lawn/garden/pet place in Seneca, the propiertess was carefully hidden, enabling a merry game of hide and seek until I finally prevailed. "How much for the pumpkins?" I asked. "$6," she said.

Now look, I really, really wanted to buy local, but when there's a $5 difference between basically identical pumpkins, a $20 for the whole purchase, and I had to hunt you down to be ripped off.

No. I'm sorry. My wild eyed screaming treehugging only goes so far.

I bought them shipped from God knows where at the local supermarket. For a buck a piece. It is, after all, the day before Halloween.

More on this later this week, but remember, the First Venango Digital Film Festival kicks off this weekend:
Friday 11/2 at the Barrow-Civic Theater in Franklin, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Saturday, 11/3 at The Latonia Theater in Oil City, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Short films by Western PA filmmakers compete for a cash people's choice award. $5 Tickets available at the Barrow, the Latonia, Chambers of Commerce, and Transit Fine Arts Gallery.
I'll be there. Be nice and I'll save you a seat.

Something good to come out of the TSA.

What would The Shining or Night Of the Living Dead look like reenacted by cartoon bunnies in 30 seconds or less. Yup. Like that.

BTW, did you know Night of the Living Dead is part of the public domain?

Fall of Autumn Press lists a guide on booking a DIY show.

The music magazine Paste is following Radiohead's lead and is offering "pay what you want" subscriptions ($1 minimum).

Want a creepy Venango County eye from the olden days?

Matt Croyle reflects on his first production, Wine Cheese and Poe.

Meadville's VooDoo Brewing is finally selling their beer...But locals have to drive to Pittsburgh to buy it

StylusMagazine.com, a portal for fans of experimental and independent music, will cease publication at the end of the month after almost five years

I can't stop telling everyone I know about the Elk County bigfoot. Photos here and here. Be careful out there Parsons.

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Anonymous said...

pig pirate. hmmmm. i think we should declare a pig night at brotherbean. come in your best pig attire and receive a discount on all your drinks. (or grain, soured milk, and pig slops; if so preferred)