Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So, not too long ago, I wrote that I had found what I wanted to be for Halloween. Imagine my delight when it showed up on my literal doorstep, hand crafted by the lovely and talented Candy Parson. I give you the Pirate Pig:

(my wife insisted I crop her out of the last one, a special moment between a Pirate Pig and his wench...)

The thing is, I can't imagine confining something so cool to one day a year. AND my mouth is exposed which mes I could go to dinner, or a bar, or take Communion with it on. It's perfect for all occasions.

So, although my family is tired of me wearing it around the house and insisted that I take it off tonight whilst making paninis, I say thank you Candy, Justin, and the Little Parsons. Thank you from the bottom of my Pig Pirate heart.
Argh! Snort, snort, snort.


Michael J. Ward said...

I never thought I, nor anyone else would say these words, but I want to be a pig pirate too.

Parsons said...

it looks almost as good on you as it did on me. thanks for the instant gratification of the digital photography. we feel honored to have been a part of the realization of your halloween festivities. candy also enjoyed your complimentary tone. if your readers find themselves fascinated with the porcine buccaneer, we'll be taking mail orders for christmas. not!

Anonymous said...

okay, you are easily the best looking pirate pig I've ever seen and I agree it would be perfect for almost any occasion but I do have to take exception to your flippant comment about wearing it for Communion. I'm sorry your parents didn't raise you better than that.

Dittman said...

Even Piggie Pirates are creatures of God.