Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Another quick entry as I'm pushing up against another deadline.

Jim Tiefer plays classic rock at Brother Bean tomorrow at 7 pm.

Pittsburgh’s Thank You Felix and the alternative art space Future Tenant are accepting scripts for the fourth installment of Future Ten, the annual 10-minute play festival.

Sax player Boots Randolph has died.

The OSU Press is making some of its books available free in pdf format.

Finally, although I'm finding it really hard to muster up celebratory feelings about the state of independence in the US this year, a quick mix to keep you happy at your BBQs. Drink a PBR for me.

Ani DiFranco – Independence Day
Francis Dunnery - American Life In The Summertime
Mike Watt & Thurston Moore – Fourth Day of July
Sufjan Stevens - The Star-Spangled Banner
X - 4th of July
Aimee Mann - 4th of July
The Decemberists - “July, July!”
Johnny Cash - From_Sea_to_Shining Sea


Tin Can Patriot said...

Thanks for the mp3s.

Perfect for subdued reflection.

Greetings from the megalopolis.

Dittman said...

No problem! Thanks for reading.