Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm up to my neck in real-world writing work, so just a quick post.

The good people at Indie Music Stop have asked me to join them as a reviewer. Who cares? You should if you’re in a local band. Part of the agreement allows me to profile local bands on this international platform. So, if you have something you want reviewed, please send it:

POB 1082
Franklin PA 16323
And make sure I know about your shows.

If Venango farmers won’t do a CSA, maybe it’s time to make the drive to Meadville:

…in exchange for advance payments, subscribers receive 10 weekly shipments of fruits and vegetables throughout the mid-summer and early fall growing season. The arrangement offers economic stability to local farm operations and high-quality produce, often below retail prices, to consumers.
The Summer’s Bounty Subscription Program offers family-sized boxes, enough for a family of four, for $36 per week or smaller boxes, just right for two, for $18 per week.

Open Mic night at BroBean – 7 pm, no cover.

Where do I wish I was going this summer? Explosives camp.

What was it like living above the most famous jazz spot in the world?

Allegheny County has produced more National Marbles Tournament kings and queens than any other region in the country.

Even anarchists enjoy a good three legged race (I can’t help but see Emma and John tied at the thigh, but that may just be the adjustment in medication…)


gwen kahler said...

i can't drive to meadville for veggies and fruit, but i would LOVE the opportunity to have a box delivered weekly...if only someone was doing that in venango county....

Dittman said...

A drive like that does seem to cancel out any benefits. I've been harping about CSA for awhile-even tried to talk some friends into retiring early and starting one...Heck, I'd even be willing to help with the paperwork if there's a farmer who wants to give it a try, but wants more fieldtime and less computer time...