Thursday, July 05, 2007

One of you kindly emailed me to tell me the “subscribe by email” function wasn’t working. It is now. Remember, any suggestions or reports of failure are welcomed. Send them to me.

Former Venango guy Todd Richards is kicking it artistically in Cleveland these days, but he runs a web site for alumni of FHS 1989,

Pete Greene and the rest of The Bully Hill Brass Band tootles their way into your hearts tonight with of traditional dixieland jazz at Franklin’s South Park bandstand.

Sprague Farm & Brew Works in Venango, Crawford County is holding an Oktoberfest on July 14 at the outdoor pavilion of the Venango Valley Inn.

Speaking of beer (and when aren’t I?) Bass Ale is giving away New British Invasion compilation CDs on its website.

The Erie Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is one again running its amateur photo contest. Deadline is Oct. 1, 2007.

The Trumbell (OH) Art Gallery is accepting artists from this area for the 43rd annual juried festival.

The second annual PodCamp Pittsburgh is Aug 18th and 19th at the Art Insittiure of Pittsburgh.

It’s true. If you wait long enough, every thing winds up on the internet. How about two websites. One tracking former Erie Disc Jockeys and one doing the same for Erie TV personalities.

Punk Planet is selling its back issues for $1.

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