Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Prometheus Radio Project contacted me yesterday to see if I or a community group I knew of was interested in starting the process of applying for a full-power, noncommercial radio license. Turns out the Federal Communications Commission will open a brief window in October for issuing. There's room on the dial for one in this area, and, yeah, I am interested. Commercial radio makes me feel not so good and I think the area would benefit wildly from an alternative. So, take a look at the Prometheus site and the Radio for the People site, and if you're interested in helping to take on a project that will take around 3 years and cost around $30,000 of money that will need to be raised, drop me an email. I'll put together a list and keep you up to date about where the process stands.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette visits Harrisville's Silver Wheel Farm:

Restaurants such as Lidia's Pittsburgh in the Strip District and, more recently, Whole Foods are seeking quantities of local greens. Even more surprising, Slippery Rock's North Country Brewing Co. recently added mustard greens as a side-order option to the entrees on its new menu. "It's the edge," says Ms. Sands. "I think it's going to be very trendy for people to eat cooked greens. . . I think they will save civilization."

The New Yorker profiles the graffitti artist Banksy. Free images of his work here.

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