Monday, May 14, 2007

Is it my imagination, or does it seem incredibly odd that Franklin would tear up its sidewalks and pour money and personnel into a pet project of a guy who doesn't even live in the city? A project that has no way of measuring if it's successful or not? Oh, it is just me? Sorry. What's that? Why sure I'll drink that Kool-Aid...

The Meadville Trib profiles an Espyville homeowner who's muralizing his Victorian:

The Meadville Cinema building has been sold and will reopen as a bargain theatre.

The Christian Science Monitor profiles the first class to graduate from The Center for Cartoon Studies CCS is one of my favorite places, not only because I'm a comic nerd, but also because it revitalized a sleepy post-industrial small town into an arts haven in five years....

Black Moth Super Rainbow badmouths the hometown scene in Rolling Stone, which seems to take delight in baiting people about the 'burgh. Is there a disgruntled ex-pat still nursing wedgie wounds working in the heart of boomer hipsterism?

Spike TV's Kill Point was filming in Market Square yesterday.

What should libraries be doing with zines?

The Post-Gazette reviews the play I most want see right now, Intimate Apparel.

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