Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Still trying to recover from Monday's Festival of Mystery, so a short post today.

The Oil City Indie Fest has announced the schedule for the May 26th show:
10:00-Garth Porter
10:30-Matt Reed
11:00-Ryan Evans
12:00-Nathaniel Custer
12:30-Holey Jeans
1:30 -Jeremy Jack
2:00 -Latrobe Barnitz
2:30 -Dave Dunkle
3:00 -Beldaspore
3:45 -Justin Parson
4:30 -Kial Hoffman
5:15 -Jerome Wincek
6:00 -Burnt River Drifter
6:45 -Dan Litler
7:30 -Gypsy Dave

Look for an interview with one of the organizers next week.

The NyTimes and the Post Gazette review Pittsburgh native August Wilson's "Radio Golf"

I haven't been to a "big" concert in years. It doesn't look like this is the summer that will break the run.

Pittsburgh's Quantum Theatre continues to have the most challenging and experimental choices in the region.

One of my favorite non-local bands, Matt Pond Pa is looking for new members:

We're looking again -- in search of one or two excellent people to join our band. The positions include the bass, keys, and singing. All in one, or all in two. We have to see what works best.
It would be at least a year committment -- starting in July/August. Maybe longer if it works out for all of us. Jobs, relationships and personalities have gotten in way with prior members. We're looking for someone that we can survive in the best and worst situations -- more than survive. Because really, most of this is driving, hanging out in hotels, hanging out in rock clubs. And we don't like to kill time -- we like to have a good time -- all the time. Or at least rock trying.
Please write to me.

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Justin said...

mike, could you replace the link to candy's myspace page to the "big jack earl" page? it's been renamed the "justin parson" page and has a new track up, with more to follow, as soon as i have time to retire to the attic with a computer, microphone, and this cute pile of new songs. thanks.