Saturday, July 22, 2006

Link between Seneca Indians and local artists has died . . . Vegan Potluck in Clintonville

Chuck Joy and the Erie Book Shop were the most gracious hosts I've had all summer promoting Small Brutal Incidents. Thank you to all who made it. If you're planning on some promotions yourself, you may want to read this and this first. Apparently, the book tour, as we know it, is dead.

DuWayne "Duce" Bowen, a Seneca Nation descendent of Chief Cornplanter and a consultant to the Oil City Arts Council has died.

In the fall of 2002, artisans from the Seneca Nation arrived in Oil City to teach elementary school students about frontier garb and equipment, Native American dress and Indian culture.
"It was through Duce that I learned the artisan names and learned how to contact them," she said.

There's a vegan potluck tomorrow, in Clintonville of all places. Clintonville is a tiny little backwater near the I-80 Elemton off ramp that apparently is a hotbed of vegan-ism. Dedicated veganism. I pulled the flyer down at the local Shop N Save to get the info and a day laer there was a new one to take its place. Show up at the Park Pavillion at 4 pm and bring a vegan dish and recipe to share. Contact them at

I know a local guy who passed his prison time making paintings using the color that he sucked from skittles. Apparently, that's cool now.

The NyTimes asks, "Should Art Museums Always Be Free?"

The Hold Steady have a new album out in October and have named it after a Kerouac quote.

Writers can now get their rejection letters turned into toilet paper.
Margaret Mitchell got rejection letters from 38 different publishers before finally finding one to publish her novel, Gone With The Wind. William Saroyan may now be rated a literary great, but he amassed a stack of rejection slips 30 inches high before he sold his first story.

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