Monday, July 24, 2006

Slow arts day

Venangoland has a great post up about Oil City Arts champ JoAnn Wheeler.

Comment would be superfluous.

Since it's a slow arts, day; it's time for me to admit my secret, unobtainable crush: a Confederate Cycles Wraith.

The history the Wraith invokes is almost motorcycle prehistory. Though fabricated of high-tech materials like carbon fiber composites and built using computer-controlled machines, the inspiration for the Wraith was drawn from primitive art and from sculptures by Alexander Calder, specifically the works arranged like planets in the solar system.


Peter A. Greene said...

My God! Beautiful, but it looks uncomfortable as hell to sit on. Or is actually riding it out fo the question?

Thanks for the plug.

Dittman said...

I'd just sit with the bike in the carriage house, stroking it in the half-life and whispering, "my precious.."