Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Queer Music Invades the Heartland

That popping noise you just heard? That was Diane Gramley's head exploding when she heard that transgendered singer/songwriter Namoli Brennet will be appearing Wedensday June 21 7:30 PM (Doors open at 7:00 PM) at Barrow-Civic Theatre’s Little Theatre 1223 Liberty St., Franklin, PA $8 at the door

I've always felt that the Little Theatre is an underused venue for smaller more experimental musical acts and I'm especially psyched that whoever booked her is going so far out on a limb - a biggish name, a controversial (for here) personal life, a great sounding space. It's going to be a great show. Namoli has independently produced and released 5 CDs since 2002 on her own label, Girl’s Gotta Eat records. Even cooler is the fact that some of her music will be featured in the local documentary about gay marriage.

Before heading to the show, why not put together a little Naomi EP by downloading her songs:
"Turning Song"
"Modern Day Jesus"
"Trying to Try"
and "Ithaca"
That way, you'll be able to sing along, you know, like the cool kids...
Check out video from her live show and then buy her albums here.

Charles E. Williams, a professor of ecology at Clarion University, recently published Along the Alleghenyby Arcadia Publishing. It's one of Arcadia's standard styles -- a collection of about 200 postcards of local scenes. I've worked a editorial consultant on some Arcadia projects -- they're a great choice for local publishers. The curious thing tis that the article says it'll be out in August while Amazon is selling it (new and used) even as I type.

The Meadville Tribune lists the schedule for the Thurston Classic.

Charles Bukowski's papers will be donated to the Huntington (CA) Library.

Although I know it's out of context, this photo in this morning's The Derrick really makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.


Michael K Mahler said...

Thanks for featuring the concert! Anything that gives Diane "Whack Job" Gramley conniption fits is a Good Thing. ;) She was also whacked out a number of years ago when the Barrow Theatre had a performance of "La Cage Aux Folles"

Dittman said...

I remember that! I do think it's funny that the local papers here are really burying the show and barely mentioning that Namoli's transgendered - maybe Diane's more intimidating than I thought. I do remember some death threats (not from DG) that were phoned in during the La Cage Aux Folles debacle.