Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Local gay themed documentary filming

The public response to a local gay couople's wedding announcement in The Derrick (Oil City) is the catalyst for a documentary the two are making about love, hate and understanding in a small town.

[the film's creator] believes the city's idea to transform itself into a community where artists, who practice across a spectrum of mediums, will want to relocate and fill downtown buildings with arts-based shops, studios, performance and living spaces, is a good one. But he has some concerns.
"How does a region that is so economically depressed think it will attract people ... by being so closed-minded? ... Isn't it time that we be inclusive of all people?"

Sounds like someone's been reading Richard Florida. When the film is finished, I hope there's a local screening, as the article suggests.

Amazon is moving into e-books. Sorta.


nancy e. said...

Yes, I read this today and regretted that I had never sent in my own "letter to the editor" in support of the couple -- I spent a lot of time composing one in my head!

I could've been in the movies....!

Dittman said...

Hey, I've got a great announcement regarding this movie coming up, so keep your eyes peeled the week of June 21!
Also, did you see the Rufus W article in the NYTimes today?

nancy e. said...

You know what? I was just going to say something in my last comment about why don't you ever reply to comments and today I come to look at your site and you replied to my comment! (Maybe I just never looked back before...)

Can't wait for the announcement!

Yes, I saw the Rufus article! Man, I wish I were going to that Carnegie Hall concert! Just a minute ago I was reading the opening paragraph to my son Nate (because I loved that paragraph) -- and he told me he's going to see the Philly Ballet performance of 11:11 this weekend -- a short ballet based on 4 of RW's songs. (Nate's the one who introduced me to RW.) (sorry to ramble on so)