Monday, October 31, 2005

Ghostly doings around Venango

Lots to talk about today - it's trick or treating in Franklin tonight - one of my collegaues asked if we even still had trick or treating after the Howe incident - kind of sad - more bad press for the area portraying us as toothless, rapacious animals.

Anyhow - I'm trying to collect ghost stories or legends that take place in Venango - for an area as old as we are, there seems to be very few - send them to me before July 2006 - I'll be putting them together for Halloween 2006. What I'm looking for are stories like these in today's Titusville Herald.

Although I'm not sure there was really a story here in this morning's Derrick (an oil company once painted advertising on barns....) - Molitaris is a good writer, and I do like old barns.

Big Jack Earl has a song, Don't Worry Darlin', available for downloading on their updated music page - apparently this weekend's concert was fun, but cold. My daughter's slumber party precluded me from making the drive. (The link is currently broken).

One of my favorite writers and regional native Stewart O'Nan (who like so many artist who grew up in NWPA takes every chance he has to distance himself from us...Sigh) will be reading on Wed. Nov 2 in Pittsburgh's Frick Fine Arts Auditorium as part of the Drue Heinz Literature Prize Award Ceremony. It's at 7:30 and free and open to the public.

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