Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fall Is Bigger Here, Butoh at Allegheny, and more

Things I missed in the past week:
The Matt Pond PA show at Club Cafe
Big Jack Earl at the North Country Brewing
The Polka Mass in Erie's St Paul Catholic Church

Hopefully, life will slow down a little. In a good way.
Lots of backlogged information

The Franklin Y is collecting cookies to give as a show of sympathy to the McFeely family; their son, and my ex student, Kyle, died recently, the subject of my last blog post. Drop the sweets off by Friday. Call the Y at (814) 432-2138 for more info.

You know those postcards you used to be able to buy with the fisherman with the huge walleye or the hunter with the rabbit as big as a VW? The good people at PA tourism are getting into the game with Fall Is Bigger Here. Stop by the site, check out the giant leaves, send an e-card, and then submit a photo - I really would like to see some Northwest PA representation here. I'd do it myself, but alas, my photoshop skills are limited to putting my head on better looking bodies.

There's nothing wrong with a little light hearted newspaper column, but, wow, Sherry Rieder's tale in The Erie Times News of wanting to get a get a tattoo (to go along with her permanent eyebrows....supress a shiver down the spine) is so fluffy it fairly floats. And that's not even mentioning the fact that she places the Maori people as an African tribe. I expect more from The ETN.

Less cattily, Butoh is coming to Allegheny College on Saturday, Nov. 5

"What?! I own a water system?," asks the managers of Conneaut Lake Park. Other less pleasant surprises are as foot as well.
Nationally, I've seen a lot of sad things, but this NYTimes photo of Ethan Hawke trying to dress like Jack Kerouac brings a sour taste to the back of my throat like nothing else.

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