Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Oil and old Oil (music)

Local blogger checks in on the shooting during a Pittsburgh showing of Get Rich or Die Trying

I'm very pleased about the biodeisel plant being planned for the area - the people of Venango County have so long pined for big oil to come back and rescue us from ourselves - how wonderfully ironic would it be if the Oil in Oil City was enviro-friendly biodiesel.

Yikes - talk about counter productive synergy. After the lovely article about old time oil music performed by local high school musicians and special local guest stars, the Venango Museum chimed in with a me-too.:
"The museum is in the process of reissuing a French orchestra's 1962 recording of some oil-related tunes.

Larry Say, the site foreman at Drake Well and a recording engineer, is producing a clean master from the old LP, and Bates is tracking down the copyrights for the CD, which will hopefully occupy a spot alongside the Franklin band's efforts at the museum's gift shop."

Yes God Forbid we let an all local effort get some good news. How about an album of thunder-stealing music or a nice suite of jealousy tunes?

The Meadville Trib has a new website design being unvelied on Monday complete with RSS, but the nicest feature is the expanded photo section.

In non local news:

The NYTimes reports that the Fox-ification of PBS may have been stopped.

Google and Amazon are trying to come up with an I-tunes for books.

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