Sunday, August 07, 2005

More public art and a missed open mic

Friday, in Franklin, I headed over to 14th st between Liberty and Buffalo across from the Quality Inn parking lot to get some photos of a mural that I'm especially fond of. It's been there since before my time (one section is dated 1960), but since the house sharing the property has been sold and is in the process of being repaitned, I began to worry that the shed would either be destroyed or painted over.
The I headed downtown for more shots of Ed Ramage's new mural, but my batteries were already dead. Damn you Samsung!

On Saturday I had big day planned. Tempest rehearsal in the mroning, foloowed by Dublin Carol audtions, then a run to Erie to AC Moore and Borders for an issue of Make magazine for mask supplies, then back to Franklin to thw Dot Com Cafe where my friend Nancy's son Ben was playing in a open mic.
Sadly, on behst of my daughter we ate at Max and Erma's instead of Pho or Papermoon and the chicken sandwhich what I ate ravaged my body. I stayed home in bed instead and enjoyed the chills.
Taste of Franklin is today, and even though the idea of food is repulsive to me, I'll probably run by to snap a few photos.
I haven't headed down to Shop N Save to pick up my Sunday Times, yet (heck I haven't even put on pants yet!), but Kristoff's article about MaxWiFi in rural areas caught my eye as I've been telling anyone who would listen that this is what Venango County should be doing.
And speaking of big projects, why can't we find a sugar daddy to put one of these in Erie. I'm thinking the Transmodal Hub building.


Justin said...

Hey Dittman et al, Just a note to perpetuate the myth that there is indeed art happening under our noses. After driving all night home from Maine on August 5, my wife, son, and I basked in the joy of the Jim Beatty Band, and then, as my wife sauntered home, I was drawn into CafeDotCom for their first-ever open mic. It was life-affirming to see young people, (and that is such an objective term - I'm only 25), taking initiative to create. I chose not to play, but to absorb. I always get to play, and sometimes I like to hear other voices.

Anonymous said...

Had to agree with the mural on the wall down by the Inn. It's been there since I was a kid too and I'm a lot older than you. I sure hope they don't tear it down but nice to know you've preserved it on camera. Does it still have the horse too?