Monday, August 08, 2005

Mural Update, regional arts grants, and trouble in Y-town

Today as we re-blocked a fight scene in Tempest, we were stopped when a sheriff's deputy pulled up and motioned me over - he was fooled apparently, but the swords and bottles of clear fluid. We had a good laugh and he admitted he was just about ready to call it in, when he saw that no one was getting upset or shouting. Ah the magic of theatre and the unwilling suspension of disbelief.
The Sunday Vindicator had a great article about the (mis) fortunes of their playhouse with the moral that in hard times, it takes a dictator of an arts director to make sure the plays open on time. I'd link to it, but the web site is a disaster area.
Congrats to some of the Pennsylvania Council on Arts Grant Award Winners whose names are slowly tickling out:
Grove City's Bach Society - $850
Greenville Symphony Society - $792
Greenville's Valley Lyric Opera - $997
Now let's spend some of that money updating the websites okay?
Ed Ramage's mural work continues apace:

Drop by my flickr photostream for more shots.

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