Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 2010 – Tromp l’oeil photo background project.

The kid and I had been searching for a good father/daughter project.  After a week of family ER and multiple hospital visits for a variety of reasons and after teaching online for four hours Sunday morning, we were ready to get our hands dirty.

Originally, I had wanted to figure out a way to put together a photobooth for her upcoming graduation party - but price wise it was prohibitive. So when found this project, a trompe l’oeil wall photobackground, we knew it was a place to start.

But I felt that, for our purposes, their design could be improved - using plywood and 2X3s seemed overkill for our faux wall. We went with 1X3X8 furring strips and 1/2 inch foamboard. We also added legs and feet to the design and drilled them out to all staking because the original looked a little tippy.  We ended up cutting their price in half - around $40 for us, all told - and spent about 8 hours making it. The results:

SANY0568 You can see the basic framework above - the furring strips were fantastically crooked, but it didn't matter because they were going to be hidden.

Below you can see the 1/2 inch holes we drilled out to stake them in the rental place’s yard for the party: SANY0567 Foam screwed on with drywall screws with a little gorilla glue added to frame for security:


We added a skim of drywall mud to make the wall look more “wall”-y once the paint was applied:


Like, I’m assuming, everyone else in the world, we had odd half used gallons of paint from various projects that we put to use here.  We ended up with a two tone and a scrap piece of molding used a chair rail. 


We found the frame at Ollie’s for $15 with a hideous painting of a cappuccino and a leopard skin matt that we knocked out.   The frame itself was plastic and very lightweight, so we used gorilla glue and only two screws, on the vertical ends to attach it.


The final project, ready for the party:


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Ab'tly LOVE this - a great grand project! It's rare to see people actually get off the couch and do something - especially together. Grand times!