Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 7, 2010 – Transit Building camera obscura photo

camera obscura

Standing inside the break room of the Transit Building, inside our Camera Obscura demo, it took a moment to realize that you were essentially standing inside the body of a camera.

We opened the door leading to the outside world, flooding the room with light and destroying the image.  Then, people would file in.  We shut the door and silence fell across everyone, every time.  It was as if we were in an earlier time waiting for God to speak to us.  And then, as our eyes adjusted and the light from the tiny hole streamed in, slowly the world revealed itself to us – upside down.  Power lines tracked across the walls, the river shivered across the ceiling, silver like the belly of a fish.  The cliffs jutting up from Route 8 painted themselves across the far wall.

It was magic – simple magic, but sometimes that’s the best kind.   


Interested in having a camera obscura set up for you?  Drop me a line.

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