Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December 04, 2008 - Entertain me. Please.

It's pretty clearly finals season, what with my sparse updates and all. It's also pretty clearly December with a dearth of interesting local live music.

The Carnegie International is still running for another month or so. The Post Gazette tells you what not to miss if you haven't seen it yet.

The Post Gazette takes a look at St Vincent College's Saint Vincent Gallery, initiated the Nationwide Juried Catholic Arts Exhibition in 2001.

Droidel, Droidel, Droidel

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra was announced on Monday:

YouTube users will upload auditions from a prescribed list — for trumpeters, for example, an excerpt from the Haydn Concerto — for judging by a jury that Google says will include musicians from major orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonic and the London Symphony. Entrants have until Jan. 28 to upload their videos.The panel picks a short list of finalists, and YouTube users, “American Idol”-style, choose the winners, who are flown to Carnegie Hall in April for a concert. Google will arrange for visas and pay costs.

Barack Obama's Presidential transition website has been put under a Creative Commons license.

Graffiti Taxonomy

How do you want to reinvent your city?

RIP Odetta.

Amazon is offering The Muppets: A Green and Red Christmas for $.99

Free and Legal Downloads:

Deer Tick - "Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)" , "Standing at the Threshold", "Long Time" from War Elephant
(Partisan Records)

Pittsburgh Symphony Brass - "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" , Angels We Have Heard on High , We Wish You a Merry Christmas from A Christmas Concert for Brass


Peter A. Greene said...

wow! thanks for the muppet tip!!

Dittman said...

That's not the sort of thing you can keep to yourself!