Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 27, 2008 - Free and Legal Downloads, turkey crafts, local oil and Christmas Creep

A turkey papercraft to keep the kids quiet - and to remind them that there's 'bout a gazillion turkeys without a whole lot to be thankful for today....

Pittsburgh - Nickelodeon City.

Don't forget, the Free Brown Bag Opera Featuring the Resident Artists of Pittsburgh Opera on Saturday from 12pm – 1pm (2425 Liberty Avenue - map) For more information call (412) 281-0912

Art and the Contemporary Hobo.

At Venangoland, Pete Greene says, Christmas Creep be darned, enjoy the season!

Scott Hutchinson wants to encourage the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to drill at the Drake Oil Well Museum.

Mr. Hutchinson chairs a special legislative committee on environmental pollution. He favors removing roadblocks to drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation.

“I think we have to get on this opportunity before we lose it,” he added.

Scott, you understand that the committee is anti-pollution, right?

The NYTimes lists its 100 Notable Books of 2008

Transforming Art Into a More Lucrative Career Choice.
Remember, you're a business, man, not a businessman.

This morning as I was wrestling birdzilla, there were Christmas songs on the radio - I believe that to be an abomination, but, if like an aging alcoholic, you like to get into the spirit early, check out Amazon's A Charlie Brown Christmas for $1.99

Upcoming Shows of Local Interest:

A slow weekend. So slow, in fact, that I couldn't find a single show I wanted to see. Where are you headed? What am I missing?

Free and Legal Downloads:

The Decemberists live at KXEP on December 18, 2005.

Charlie Musselwhite Live at KXEP on July 19, 2006

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists live at KXEP on April 19, 2007

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