Thursday, June 19, 2008

At Venangoland, Peter Greene previews the Barrow Civic's upcoming production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

He also mentions that the Barrow has started a blog which at this point just seems to be a reprint of the weekly page in the Derrick's Good Times section. How about some video from rehearsals, interviews with actors and directors, historic photos . . . It's e-media for a reason.

Upcoming Shows of Interest:

Policy Overkill at Brother Bean Friday from 7-9pm. No cover.

David Bennett and Dan Littler play Friday from 7:30 - 10:00pm at Oil City's Latonia Theatre. $10 at the door

Jerome Wincek and the Old Hats at Brother Bean, Saturday from 7-9pm No cover. (You can download a vast amount of their work at their myspace page)'s 3rd birthday celebration co-sponsored with Brother Bean (2803 SR 257, Seneca, PA 16346 814-677-0232)) takes place Monday at Brother Bean from 7-9 pm with a free all-ages show from Soulmobile.

Free and Legal Downloads:

My Morning Jacket Live at Le National on June 17, 2008

Low Live at 'Future Days' Festival, Andrew's Lane Theatre on June 13, 2008

Jack Johnson Live at Bonnaroo Music Festival on June 14, 2008


Joann said...

I welcome the Barrow blog -- their website is only Explorer-friendly, with the result that I never visit it. Video, interviews, etc. would be great, too, of course -- but I'm just happy to have an accessible page! Thanks, Barrow!

Thespian said...

Hey Dittman - give em a chance...the blog is new....unless you're willing to lend a hand by creating video clips, etc....the Barrow Blog is ncie for those who don't want to browse the whole a little more positive energy towards them...

Dittman said...

Of course I'm willing to help - no one ever asks though. I never complain about something unless I'm willing to help change it. People who uncritical accept every effort aren't supporters - they're enablers.

I've asked repeatedly to be put on the Barrows PR list so that I can help publicize events, auditions, etc., alas to no avail.