Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Eerie Horror Film Festival is looking for a few good Zombies for a TV spot. If you're over 21 years old and available 11 am to 8 pm on Saturday May 31, email Greg Ropp. (via)

Upcoming Shows of Interest

Remora Deign plays the Relay for Life at the Oil City (PA) High School from 10pm-12am Friday. Directions

Friday, Newmen plays Titusville's YWCA at 7pm as part of the Y's Summer Kickoff.

Saturday, Canopy View, Title Me Wrong, and Endless Noise play from 7-9 pm at Seneca's brother Bean. No cover, but bring some cash for the tip jar (I'm talking to you stupid little girl who thought a puzzle pen was an cute substitute for money. No matter what your mother told you, you are neither witty, nor charming. ) Directions

Jerome Wincek and the Old Hats play a free show Wednesday June 4th at noon as part of Oil City's Pipeline Alley Summer Concert Series. Directions

What did I miss? What upcoming shows are on your must-see list?

Free and Legal Downloads:

Sigur Ros- "Gobbledigook" (mp3)
Kaki King - "Bone Chaos In The Castle" (mp3) "2 O'Clock" (mp3)


Anonymous said...

ah, michael, you sound bitter. maybe the little pen was all she had left after she bought all their cds and 3 large blended mochas!

Dittman said...

I am bitter! Tip jars are for money - if she wanted to give the band thepen as a gift for the incredible performance, I say awesome. If she wanted to ask if they would trade a CD for a puzzle pen, I say great, I'm all for off the grid bartering

But, I worked as a waiter/bartender for a long, long time and got lots of Jesus pamphlets, pennies, and "Keep the change" on a $48.99 bill paid with a $50. It's much more insulting to do something like that than not to tip at all.

A great performance deserves to be rewarded and band vans don't run on pens.