Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saturday's Clarion-Venango Campus Film Series entry is Juno. Rated PG-13, the flick starts at 7:30 pm and is free and open to the public. If you missed Atonement at the series last week, you can catch it Saturday morning at the Movies at Cranberry - 9:15 am $1.

Don't forget that tonight is the farewell reception for John McConnell former manager of the Barrow-Civic Theatre. Head to the Barrow's Little Theatre tonight from 6:00 to 7:30 pm to say goodbye to an era.

Also at the Barrow this weekend is the Young People's Art Show Friday and Saturday Evening from 5-9 pm and Sunday afternoon from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. (Full disclosure - my daughter is a participant in the show)

The Post Gazette previews this weekend's okkervil river show and this weekend's Mike Doughty show. .

How the heck did indie rock turn into adult contemporary?

The Post Gazette reports on Franklin artist Deac Mong. Best line the piece?

Mong. . . is of German or Dutch origin, and . . . has no link to the Hmong people who live in Vietnam and Laos

Thank God that's been settled.

The Post Gazette also talks about Mong's Butler County commission.

Mr McFeely always delivers.

For awhile I had a gig that required me to travel to Princeton NJ a couple time s year. In honor of National Record Store Day, the NYTimes profiles one of the greatest stores in that beautiful city (Princeton I mean, NYC is a lot of things, but lush and green? Probably not) Princeton Record Exchange.

Free and Legal Downloads

Nina Simone - "Revolution" (MP3) (via CNet)

Black Mountain - "Tyrants" (MP3) (via CNet)

Stream My Brightest Diamond Live at WNYC.

One of my favorite rips that I've done today in honor of National Poetry Month:
Tennesee Williams reading Hart Crane's "To Brooklyn Bridge" (MP3) (One of the best parts about this album are Williams' liner notes where he chides Crane for drinking too much and attempts to paint Crane as a ladies' man. Ummmm....probably not)

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LazyTcrochet said...

Another coincidental link to where I am now - Hart Crane was born in Garrettsville, OH.