Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gypsy Dave and the Stumpjumpers are in the top 50 Roots Music National Radio Airplay Ranking beating out Shooter Jennings. Meanwhile, the Tiger Maple String Band are #1 on the PA chart!

Vessels of the Strand, written by Ron Allen Ames, has been chosen winner of the Editor's Choice Award for history fiction in 2008 by AllBooks Review.

"This is a vital area with dynamic, tech-savvy business people, students, visitors, and residents who want to stay connected," Yep. That's us.

The Irish invented kilts, bagpipes, and whisky. The Scotch didn't realize the first two were a joke. Banter! Anyhow. ldypypr@yahoo.com is "a professional bagpiper currently booking appearances for St . Patrick's day 2008....If anyone is interested , please contact me and we can go from there."

The Butler Art Center has issued a Call for Artists:
"Futuristic! What will life be like 10, 100, 1000 or a million years from now? Artwork must represent the future: our town, world, universe, our fashion, technology, environment, music, film, aliens, spaceships, galaxies, etc.

If you would like a call for entries, please call 724-283-6922 or email exhibit@nauticom.net!

Exhibit held from June 13th - July 11th, 2008.Butler Art Center"
I'd just be happy with the flying car that I was promised oh so many years ago.

Free and Legal downloads

Jazzam Live at Pittsburgh's Thunderbird Cafe' on January 26, 2008

Chicago Afrobeat Project Live at Uncle Festers on January 24, 2008

The Evens Live at Ahimsa House on 2007-02-25 February 25, 2007

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