Monday, February 18, 2008

Apparently, bad weather be damned, the Oil City Bluegrass Festival was a big hit. If I have a complaint it's that there wasn't a schedule so I could see who was playing when. Which meant that I blew off the only time I could have gone - Sunday morning - only to find out that Jerome Wincek did an extended gospel set which I would have loved to have seen. Fortunately, Wincek has made the songs available for free and legal download. Nice.

Four major percussion concertos will be performed in the United States over the next month. One of them, "TriplePlay" will be by the Pittsburgh Symphony on Feb. 21.

Reading 200 books in a year? Amateur.

Has PBS outlived its usefulness?

The Independent reports that the painting that adorned the cover of Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation album will be auctioned next week.

DIY Gallery Space

Digital Democracy is a Pittsburgh conference that will explore how the digital revolution — including blogs, online video, websites and social media — is changing traditional news media coverage and citizens’ access to the political process.

The event includes national-caliber speakers who are coming to town on Saturday, March 15.

  • New York Times Online Politics Editor Kate Phillips, who writes for and edits The Caucus, The New York Times politics news blog.
  • Executive Editor Matthew Sheffield
  • Senior Fellow & Director of Special Projects Paul Waldman
  • Hearst-Argyle Director of Digital Media Content Jacques Natz
  • J-Lab Executive Director Jan Schaffer
  • Media Bloggers Association President Robert Cox

Pink Martini has announced an Erie area show, but at $25/ticket, it's out of my range. Check them out at NPR's World Cafe.

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