Monday, January 14, 2008

The Derrick reports this morning that Franklin is seeking designation as a bicycle friendly community.
Which makes me wonder if these people have actually ridden in Franklin anywhere aside from the trail. In the five years that I've been living and riding in downtown Franklin, I've been spit on three times, had bottles thrown at me twice (once resulting in a stiches worthy gash , been cursed at countless times, and feared for my life everytime I've tried to ride on the dragstrip that is Liberty St. Traffic calming, bike boxes, enforcement of speed limits, ticketing cyclists who ignore red lights, stop signs and other traffice laws, and providing funds for the Venango Bus to purchase a rack to carry bikes, these things would make Franklin (and the area) a bikeable city.

Mario Van Peebles has begun editing his "ghostly horror spoof" filmed at the Peaceful Valley Ashram and Retreat near Sligo. It should be available on YouTube in a month or so.

I could have sworn he was dead.

Ladies, Peter Parker is available.

And they laughed at me when I chose Netflix over cable.

Erie's Trance nightclub is closing.


shaylyn said...

AMEN to the comments on franklin as a bike-friendly community. i have also been cursed at, run off the road, flipped off, etc. it's pretty sad that i am more afraid to ride my bike on the streets here than i am in philly.

Chris Griswold said...

The Spider-Man storyline is atrocious. The editor-in-chief hated the marriage and mentioned it in interviews for years, but that opinion seems to be rare. Regardless, it wasn't handled well, and J. Michael Straczynski, the amazing writer who made Spider-Man readable after years of awful, didn't really want to write the story, and he even asked that his name be taken off the last issue because Marvel re-wrote so much of it. Any comic book story with an editorial mandate for change, rather than one driven by the story, has a very high probability of being terrble, and this one is one of the worst - if not the worst - of this editorially mandated revisionist type of story. It's really kind of sad because the character had become really interesting, and he had some great, adult relationships with both his aunt and his wife, and all of the things that made the character great for the past 20 years have been wiped away sloppily.

This ends my rant.