Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A very wise reader wrote in to suggest that a gift guide that finishes on the 22nd of December really isn't very helpful. With that in mind, I'll be compressing the guide into the next two weekends. This weekend will be Arts and Crafts, the next, Food and Misc. You still have time to suggest ideas.

I've got finals coming up, so let's preview some of this weekend's shows now.

Signal Home, the Story Changes, Fairweather Fan, the Laundromat, and First to Fall play Meadville's The Union Room (287 1/2 Chestnut St., Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335) on December, 8 2007 at 6 pm. $6 cover.

In a change of pace, Seneca's Brother Bean hosts William James and Friends for an evening of spoken word Saturday at 7pm. No cover.. Big show there next week, more to come.

Remora Deign plays an acoustic set at Franklin's Summer House Coffee Roasters on Dec 8 2007 5:00PM. No cover.

Happy Hanukkah everyone.

Do the Latke Flip
-- The Klezmatics (2006)

Spin Dreydl Spin
-- " . . . " Woody Guthrie's Happy Joyous Hanukkah (via)"Hanukkah Blessings"Barenaked Ladies - (via)

The Rankin Bass models for Rudolph and Santa will be at the Monroeville Mall Dec 15-16.

If Michael Jackson could have John Merrick's bones, why can't I have Gauguin's teeth for Christmas?

Why vandalize art?

Who needs book reviewers? Or any, for that matter.

Feast Of The Seven Fishes is an Eisner award nominee graphic novel. the book tour brings them to Erie's Borders on Dec 9th, and Youngstown's Jimmy’s Italian Food on the 10th

A buyer has been named for the Franklin Club who, no surprise, wants special treatment from local government so he can turn the Club into a bar. Because, you know, we don't really have enough of those.

Newsweek asks, "Is Photography Dead"?

Patterson Hood as Bruce Springsteen @ 40 Watt 12/1/07

Two longtime Edinboro University of Pennsylvania contributors have created a $1 million-plus endowment to continue bringing classical music presentations to future generations of university students.

How to be a Pennwriter

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