Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Derrick reports that one of my favorite local photographers, (and do you have idea how many there are around here? It's really quite stunning when you think about it...) Jerry Sowden, has a new book, Images - Through a Journalistic Eye, (yikes, what an awkward title) out just in time for gifting.
As an aside, although you can buy it at the newspaper offices, it appears to be cheaper when purchased online.
Sowden's old boss in Minnesota writes about him today as well:

Jerry is a great guy, a photographer I watched develop from a part-time shooter just out of high school to one of the most creative and hardworking photojournalists around. He was pretty fearless, and also pretty compassionate — ideal qualities in a job in which you've got to shoot at all sorts of events and a wide range of personalities. I remember him once hanging from a wind tower near Lake Benton to shoot a photo of a wind tower maintenance worker as the worker dangled to do his job.

Although I think a local grant-writing resource center is a great idea, I'd be behind it a little more if there were more specifics as to what it would actually do.

Village Voice writers choose their favorite books of the year.

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