Saturday, September 08, 2007

Madeleine L’Engle has died.

While Another World is Possible isn't local, it's one of my favorite organizations. They're offering a great deal for venangago-go readers (OK, everyone) on custom buttons for bands or whomever.
1" Buttons
100 buttons=$20
500 buttons=$100
1000 buttons=$200

2" Buttons
100 buttons=$35
500 buttons=$175
1000 buttons=$350

American Caricature is a show at the lTRAF Gallery, 937 Liberty Avenue
Downtown Pittsburgh from September 14 - October 20.
American Caricature is an international collection of political cartoons commenting on US domestic and foreign policy as seen through the drawing pens of cartoonists from 12 different countries. Featuring work by the political cartoonists of publications such as The Guardian (England), La Jornada (Mexico), and The New Yorker, the show reflects a unique view of how the world sees America, sometimes conflicting with how America sees itself.

"Yinz Got Posters" is the first annual Artists' Image Resource rock art show, featuring the posters of over 30 contemporary artists. September 8, 2007 through October 8, 2007 at Artists Image Resource, (AIR) 518 Foreland St, Pittsburgh, PA 412-321-8664

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