Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From my lack of posting, it's pretty clear that I'm back in an office 5 days a week. Sigh.

A pilot flying from Long Island to Yellowstone stops by the Franklin Regional Airport and gives some love to Primo's

This Saturday, September 15th, is North Country Brewing's 2nd Annual Brewfest. $15 Entrance Fee (Must Be 21 To Enter), 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM & 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM. Participants include North Country Brewing Co., Hereford Hops, Johnstown Brewing Co., Rivertown Pourhouse, West Virginia Brewing Co., Erie Brewing Co., Red Star Brewing Co., Voo Doo Brewing Co., Sprague Farms & Brew Works and Winfield Winery.

Venangoland explores "Lies in All Their Flavors".

One of my regular gigs is reviewing CDs for Indie Music Stop. This is the site's one year anniversary and to celebrate, they're holding a contest.

Holly Jacobs of Erie has a free online short story, The Moments, at It's tied to her first Everlasting Love release, The House On Briar Hill Road, which will be released on October 1, which is a book about the Conway family. About their ups and downs...about their pulling together and sadly, about them falling apart. Holly still lives in Erie and frequently uses it as a setting for her books. (via Erieblogs)

Questia adds yet more free e-books.

Some of the schools in the State System for Higher Education, including SRU, have begun digitizing their archives.

Selling mini-comics - then enjoy this display template.

More than 300 hand-painted tiles created in a 2000 Pathway to the Millennium project in Oil City have finally found a public resting spot.
Unless I'm mistaken, these have been their all summer. Still it was nice to see some local arts in the paper...

Allegheny senior Dara Levendosky has been selected as one of four finalists for the Centre Stage South Carolina’s 2007 New Play Festival. Levendosky's play “Over the Break” was selected from over 120 plays submitted for the prestigious festival. If the play is judged to be the festival’s most outstanding, Centre Stage will give “Over the Break” a full production.

Free downloadbale audiobooks? Sure, why not?

This fall the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (JLETB) will visit Pittsburgh and WQED. A college "Battle of the Bands" and a middle school essay contest presented by the JLETB and WQED will give students and the community an opportunity to experience professional music production first-hand.

The O'Reilly Radar takes a peek at Google's MyLibrary which I'll beusing to make a pretty version of the Venango County Author's Bibliography shortly.

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