Friday, September 21, 2007

Almost missed this mention of a punk band with local roots in this week's City Paper.

Meadville band, The Mules, plays Seneca's Brother Bean this Saturday at 7 pm. No cover. BroBean is also looking to hire a part time barista. Apply at the shop.

Peter Greene must not be getting enough hate mail. He dares to write about religion in the latest venangoland:
. . . talking about one’s faith is undoubtedly the least effective witness that any believer can offer.

The Press Club of Western Pennsylvania is taking applications for its second annual $5,000 scholarship awarded to aspiring journalists. The award is designed to encourage outstanding collegiate journalism students in print and broadcasting. Their primary residence must be in one of the 29 counties of Western Pennsylvania (Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Cameron, Centre, Clarion, Clearfield, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Fayette, Forest, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, McKean, Mercer, Potter, Somerset, Venango, Warren, Washington, Westmoreland). Deadline for applications is January 14, 2008. For an application, contact The Press Club of Western Pennsylvania (, Engineers' Building, 337 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or (412) 281-7778.

Deerhoof has a free and legal album download available.

The Trib Review surveys the Burgh's once glorious jazz scene.


shaylyn said...

hey, cool mention of oh shit! i never would have seen that article if it weren't for this blog. it's also cool to see one of my photos used (although it's uncredited and someone messed with the brightness).

Peter A. Greene said...

Ah, the joys of the internet, where art is free for the theft-- er, I mean, sharing.

And I almost missed my hate mail for that column, but there I am in this morning's paper, getting spanked. At least, I think I am.

And congrats on the Chinese translation thing (I guess-- unless they buy one copy and then proceed to do their own print run without giving you a cent).

j parson said...

Hey dittman.
in honor of your chinese translation, check out m. ward's video for 'chinese translation' here...

Dittman said...

Shaylyn- You should give them a call - credit should be given.
Pete - I recently had to explain to my students why the actually had to buy books for my courses. They see it as optional for some strange reason...
Justin- Super link! Thanks. I have M Ward live show that I'm going to upload this week just for you!